About Us

Thank you for visiting mootta.com

"Mootta" is the English transliteration of the Korean word "ask". 

At Mootta we are constantly asking: what's new, what's stylish, who and what are setting the trends?  We also believe everyone is different and that's what makes every one of us special.  So we also ask: what's suitable for an individual's style?

The results of our curiosity are what you see on our website.  

Our team is based in Seoul and we represent South Korean fashion designers and brands of clothes, shoes, accessories and bags, some of whom were Project Runway Korea finalists. 

Our designers set the trends in South Korea.  We work closely with and are supplied directly by our designers.  Their collections are all manufactured in South Korea.  As a result, you can rest assured about the quality and authenticity of our items.

We hope you enjoy what our designers and we have to offer.