Accessories that are a Necessity: Booties

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It is that time of the year where booties make their way into your everyday wardrobe. The best part about it is that you don’t have to strut around in high heels to stay fashionable and classy. The comfort and style of booties are every woman’s favorite piece when finishing off an outfit, especially being able to run and walk in them all day which is what we opt for during the fall season when enjoying the weather.


Because of the ride in trends of booties, the colors have hit the market in a wider range that breaks from the classic black. Black of course, is every woman’s must have pair because it is easy to pair with any look. Nonetheless, there are shades of tans and even colored booties that are making its way to the shelves of the markets.


They are the best friends of leggings, being able to stick a pair of leggings inside the opening of a bootie with no trouble. Pairing with the oversized sweater and sweatshirt look is every ultimate bootie look. Of course you don’t have to hide your amazing physique with oversized shirts by pairing fitted shirts with a longer sweater and finishing off with a bootie. This younger look is extremely popular with all and it is the best friend for anyone who cannot strut themselves in a pair of heels, we understand your pain. 


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