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Proof 10 waterproof eye pencil supplies clean,intense definition for a long lasting,perfect 10 smoky eye look.Comes with sharpener for fine line application Tear,Sweat and Smudge-proof,Amazing waterproof effect   * Color range 01 BK801/02 BK802/03 BK401/04 BR402/05 PP501     • RATING Price ★★★★★ Function ★★★★★ Great ★★★★..
US$ 10.00
The trendy eye color can be selected according to style and taste. Compose your own makeup colors with four kinds of Mono Eyes.   1. Lecithin Coating Powder Skin - Friendly lecithin prevents dryness from using shadows 2. Silicon Coating Powder Silky texture and excellent spreadability without forming clumps 3. Coating Pigment Pigment powder absorbs sebum and swe..
US$ 9.00
SHOCKING LIKE LIE!! VOLUME + CURLING + LONG LASH + WATERPROOF   1. Enriched Volume Expression Whirlwind-shaped brush contains smooth type of mascara liquid to add enriched volume to eyelashes evenly   2. Long-lasting C-Curl Whirlwind-shaped brush helps in expressing C-Curl easily   3. Amazing Long-Lash Expression Zigzag shape of high elasti..
US$ 13.00
THE STYLE 3D MASCARA   Mixed with ample vegetable wax, so that delivers volume to lashes smoothly without lump. Mascara that contains vegetable treatment ingredients and minimizes stimulation on sensitive eyes. Protection veil that has excellent water-proofing gives coating to lashes, so that it won’t be removed or smudged by sweat or water. Keeps clean and volume lashe..
US$ 8.00
DOUBLE NEEDS PANG PANG MASCARA(CHOOSE YOURS!)   01 Volume Pang This mascara and  ballon brush [rovides big volume to your eyelashed.   02 Curling Pang This kill heel curling mascara makes your eyelashes look dazzlingly beautiful.   03 Long long Lash This long setting provides an eyelash extension effect to your eyelashed, making them appea..
US$ 12.00
[Volume] Super volume perm brush will coat thick lashes giving lashes a permed effect. With nutrient components and balloon powder that will give volume for long hours.Doesn’t smudge easily and keeps eyes looking fresh and clean, free from makeup smudges. Can be easily removed with lukewarm water. [Eye Long] Long mascara, long & curling effect, gives lashes a perm-lookin..
US$ 13.00