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Laneige BB Cushion [Whitening] SPF50+ PA+++ is a new-concept cushion-type BB cream with five active ingredients for Whitening + Sunscreen + Sweat-Proof + Soothing + Makeup Effects. Every time you touch it, the air pump in the cushion contains air bubbles for thin and skin-friendly makeup. Laneige BB Cushion [Whitening] SPF50+ PA+++ also provides two separate containers to preserve the active ..
US$ 42.00
1. Air Brush technology Your skin keeps moisture but it looks soft and bright without greasy feeling. 2. Spot Eraser technology It clings to your skin and covers freckles. But it still looks natural like your own skin. 3. New Layering technology It contains 50% of mosturizing ingredients. Its innovative formula covers and smoothens spotted skin tone. 4. Lifting up technology Cell ..
US$ 39.00
Natural shimmering, glowing skin makeup like honey texture!! Shimmering micro pearl base makeup products, luxurious luminizer. Brush builted type, no need to use hands, smoothly glides on skin Also, brush-in container can apply lightly for the natural look.     • RATING Price ★★★★ Function ★★★★★ Great  ★★★★★     ..
US$ 21.00
Contains ineral ingredient gained from green clay and pure nature complex of the nature   -Keep the skin downy all day long as it controls ol and sebum -Naturally as it is adhered to the skin clearly without mass -Perfectly with soft finish just like silk     • RATING Price ★★★★ Function ★★★★★ Great  ★★★★★   ..
US$ 24.00
GLOBAL NO.1 PRIMER Complete the optimum skin for all type of make up as it makes the best skin texture and covers up the skin trouble.   Create smooth and downy skin texture by pore tightening function and strong sebum absorption ingredient     • RATING Price ★★★★★ Function ★★★★★ Great  ★★★★★     • APPLICATI..
US$ 20.00
WHITENING MOISTURIZING COLOR CONTRAL BASE 1.Moisturizing: "It contains eco herb water complex that moisturizes the skin, making the skin look transparent and even with its natural skin tone." 2.Smoothe skin: "The moisture and the micro powder covers your pores and wrinkles, giving the skin a smoothe soft surface." 3.Evening skin tone: "The transparent brightening capsules transforms..
US$ 28.00
WHITENING+WRINKLE IMPROVEMENT + UV PROTECTION (SPF30/PA++FUCTIONALITY)   Skin 8 kinds multi functional makeup(Correct)and skin care at once correct complexion. Whitening,Wrinkle care,UV protection. 1. Natural makeup cover well 2. Skin care with 8kind multi functional 3. Silky or glow,Multi makeup expression   #01 Glow_Tighening as moisturizing essen..
US$ 18.00
1.Adheres to skin smoothly to create healthy and radiant make-up. 2.Natural coverage and illumination create sophisticated and glowing skin.  Creates brighter and smoother skin. 3.For both skin protection + make-up at the same time. 4.Classic Beige - Light beige 5.SPF37,PA++   • RATING   Touch ★★★★   Cover ★★★   Moisturize&nb..
US$ 28.00
Not to mention the greatly increased SPF, more than 35% of hydro-mineral ingredient keeps the skin moist and glossy. Its application over makeup does not push away the makeup, and keeps the skin protected from the UV ray all day long.  Air Cusion Sun Block! Smaller container with more bang! A 4-in-1 marvel of 'whitening + cooling + UV block + makeup' with consumers' convenience..
US$ 41.00