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SHINING SPOTLIGHT YOUR FACE! 3-in-1: Wrinkle care + Whitening + Sun block   1. Spotlight Makeup  By using original Spotlight powder,It gives natural glossy skion like an actress. 2. Expressing Clean & Clear skin  Makeup effect lasts for 12 hours because of darkening-proof-formula, and perfect skin cares with O2 container. 3. Natural coverage for bl..
US$ 27.00
1.Adheres to skin smoothly to create healthy and radiant make-up. 2.Natural coverage and illumination create sophisticated and glowing skin.  Creates brighter and smoother skin. 3.For both skin protection + make-up at the same time. 4.Classic Beige - Light beige 5.SPF37,PA++   • RATING   Touch ★★★★   Cover ★★★   Moisturize&nb..
US$ 28.00
Not to mention the greatly increased SPF, more than 35% of hydro-mineral ingredient keeps the skin moist and glossy. Its application over makeup does not push away the makeup, and keeps the skin protected from the UV ray all day long.  Air Cusion Sun Block! Smaller container with more bang! A 4-in-1 marvel of 'whitening + cooling + UV block + makeup' with consumers' convenience..
US$ 41.00