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Got a weekend getaway plan? See what’s trending for swimsuit!


1. High-Waisted Bikinis: The cut is both feminine and flattering. Match them with big, round sunglasses and a wide-brim sun hat.


2. Retro One-Pieces: Look...

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It’s the last week of June and summer is already here. It’s fun to mix colors and tones and make an impact for this season. Visit here to see the new.

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Attention, color-loving ladies! Are you ready for serious bold outfit idea? Wear something loud but keep it trendy and sophisticated way!

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Now, there’s something very feminine about a sheer blouse. You are covered, yet not fully at the same time since you can see through the fabric. It works great for evening out but we don’t recommend you to wear it for work....

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Summer season has officially been kicked off with June and we love it! It’s another season to be stylish in a cool way! See our newly-added

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Going out this weekend? Try this lovely pink gradation nail! Just bring your 2 pink nail polishes in different hues and a small piece of sponge. That’s it! How easy & pretty!


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As it gets hotter and hotter, snap backs that keep UV away and style on you are in the center of summer trends. Snap Back means size-adjustable snap in the back! It’s now a must-have item because it adds an edgy to your summer outfits,...

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So many fashion enthusiasts with floral prints. Can't deny it's one of the biggest trends!

Shop our best-selling floral skirt here

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Now it’s June and summer is almost here. We are obsessed with prints and cool fabric!


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3.1 Phillip Lim collaborates with Target, American retailing company. From this September, the designer will present his F/W line with reasonable prices for more people can wear his clothes. The line includes women’s...

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So Hot Shorts

Looking for summer to wear hot shorts? Chic shorts can be the most simple-yet-stylish item for summer! 

To shop short, click here

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Suffering from the aftertaste of weekend and feeling blue? One of the way to beat blue Monday is to wear bright nicest blue pieces! Take a look at our blue pieces here.

1. Lounge 8Eight: Feminine Sleeveless Shirt. Shop here

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Introduced in 2000, Silkstone Barbie Dolls are also know as Fashion Model Barbie dolls and Lingerie Model Barbie dolls. These dolls have been very popular since their introduction. Many Barbie collectors love them in many styles of...

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Nasty Habit is one of the upcoming brands and its strong point is their unique pattern and print that make the brand distictive and unique.

Shop Nasty Habit here

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Launched in 2009, Salad Bowls literally means a salad bowl that is filled with various vegetables but it also means the place in where diverse kinds of culture and people exist and harmonized. The designer pursues chic easy style...

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A skirt can be worn for both of work and after-work party/date!

Think this mesh skirt that is elegant and cutting-edgy style. It works greatly at your office and a bar, giving you a romantic update!

Shop this skirt here

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We know you don’t want to miss out must-haves for this spring! We’ve got new chic clutches to hold and impress specially for you. 

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Have you ever put some bold lipsticks and walked outside? What situation would you try these colors?

Let us get your personal take on this!


The French electro duo Daft Punk wears sparkling Le Smoking jackets created by Hedi Slimane, Saint Laurent creative director for their new “Random Access Memories” album artwork. The sparkling suits add more edge paired with the...