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MOOTTA concentrates on all things amazing from Korea, delivering the best of the best to the rest of the world. Seoul is known as the beauty capital of the world for a handful of aesthetic purposes. For this reason, MOOTTA could not leave...

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Name: Mandy
Location: Hong Kong 
Inspiration: Cherry blossoms are culturally significant in Asian cultures and I just had to find a way to incorporate it to be more stylish

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The Fringe may not be for everyone, but it is a fashion trend that we cannot neglect. With the Hippies that made a fashion statement with fringe fashion, it still exists in our everyday clothing today. Many fashion accessories are made...

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Remember that 70’s fashion with bold prints, thick headbands, plastic earrings, chunky heels, and of course short dresses that consist of all things colorful? Yeah, well let’s bring that back! Having an urban style means incorporating...

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The power blogger of the week is the amazing Veronica Li, a stylist and blogger that incorporates all things fashion and style in her blog. Coming from Vancouver and Japan, Veronica has moved to Hong Kong to pursue her dreams in the...

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The nature of urban street style revolves around the concept of breaking out from the traditional clichés of fashion and incorporating your own style into bold statements and all. Accessories are definitely a necessity in putting...

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“The Urban Nature of Style”

Mootta’s focus this week is on the urban nature of style. This means incorporating all things fashionable with the urban trendsetters that are breaking from the more traditional norms of fashion....

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Urban Natural

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Name: Kelly
Location: Taiwan 
Inspiration: Dress down Friday at the office, but I still need to look presentable and incorporate fun color to match the outdoor weather.


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The ongoing trend of white is a summer staple, showing off a little bit of skin without being too revealing. There is a way to keep this crop top style classy by incorporating it with high-waist bottoms. Of course for those of you who are...

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Mootta is running the fifth Best Styler Contest !

Simply like the Mootta FB Page, follow @mootta_fashion on Twitter and comment with your choice of the three Best Stylers and why.


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Aimee Song, of Song of Style, a fashion icon and interior designer who is well established in the market today is one must feature of the week. In her mid-twenties, she is one icon that is an inspiration to all. There is no age group...

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Summer is the ultimate time to show off any bikini body, especially when going on vacation and the need of photos to be taken. Unfortunately, for most of us, we do not have the bikini body that we want. That doesn’t mean that we...

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 "For our loyal Mootta fashionistas, how did you incorporate your Mootta piece in the everyday wardrobe? Send us a photo and you can be featured next week as our leading Moottanista!"

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The ultimate trend going around this season in Korea is the incorporation of the dainty thin bracelets that Kpop stars and many Korean celebrities wear. It is a twisted statement of fabric and metal which allows for a simple addition of...

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We give away a $20 valued coupon EVERY week, open to everyone because it is randomly selected! Check out our blog now & be the first one to get it! 


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Being that the Korean fashion within the Asian culture is making a mark across the world, we thought we would bring Seoul to you without the travel. A few looks that are true to the Korean culture and the ultimate skinny girl that just...

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           Because there are so many new pop ups in fashion, the trend is constantly changing. With that in mind, you should approach fashion with an open mind to try all things crazy. When we say crazy, we mean going outside of your...

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           Being able to mix and match everything in your closet is one thing that is important to every fashionista. Not only does it help to save the money in your wallet, but it helps to promote versatility in your every day...